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ZOE BEST vs DELUXE (XL1 & XL2) – What are the differences between these two models/strollers?

As you may have noticed, ZOE has launched a new version of their super lightweight and now SUPER popular single (XL1) and double (XL2) strollers. The company is only 6 months or so old as of the time of this article and they have ALREADY taken all of the feedback from their customers and hit […]

Is the ZOE XL1 or XL2 Stroller Compatible With or Do They Accept Any Infant Car Seats?

Is the ZOE XL1 or XL2 Stroller Compatible or Do They Accept Any Infant Car Seats? Currently the answer is no. The ZOE Xl1 and XL2 were designed for on-the-go parents of children 6 months or older who will sit directly in the stroller’s seat. ┬áTypically, strollers that accept infant car seats have to have […]

Does the seat on the GB Qbit Stroller Recline? How far/deep?

Yes, the seat on the GB Qbit stroller does recline, BUT not very much. It’s actually almost a non-existent recline. If we had to guess at the angle that the seat lays back to, it would be maybe 95-100 degrees, where 90 degrees is straight up and down and 180 degrees is completely flat. It’s […]

Top 44 Best Lightweight Umbrella Baby Strollers of 2016 & 2017: Rated & Reviewed!

When you have a baby there are so many things that you think you need. One of those is a stroller and while many people are attracted to the strollers that have all of the bells and whistles, the lightweight strollers are the ones that actually get the use. That’s right, I know moms who […]