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ZOE XLC vs XL1 BEST v2 Stroller Comparison & Review

As you may have heard, ZOE is launching two new awesome single strollers this Fall! They are both super lightweight stroller, both fold very compact, have optional travel backpack travel bags, can fit on airplanes, have optional double carry straps (so cool), will both be priced at $179.99, and many more similarities. So what’s the […]

The All-New ZOE XLC BEST v2 Super Compact Carry-On, Airplane Overhead Stroller: Our Review!

As you may have heard, ZOE just announced a brand new, super compact single stroller model called the XLC! We’ve only gotten a little sneak peak here and there as ZOE has not officially launched the item, but word around the campfire is that it will fit in virtually every airplane overhead compartment as a […]