Monthly Archives: November 2014

Janice Dickinson Details Rape Allegations Against Bill Cosby!

Janice Dickinson has now detailed her rape charge against beloved comedian and actor Bill Cosby. With rape allegations mounting, it’s unclear whether this is a legitimate claim and charge or if it’s a publicity stunt to get in the middle of a media firestorm! Dickinson claims the sexual assault happened back in 1982 while visiting Cosby […]

NFL Player’s Union Appeals Adrian Peterson Suspension for Child Abuse Charges!

A letter has been obtained by ESPN and other media outlets written by the NFL player’s association to commissioner Roger Goodell concerning the suspension of Adrian Peterson after his charges of child abuse earlier this year. The player’s association claim the decision by the commissioner were unlawful and unprecedented. They’ve asked for an independent, neutral […]

Our Favorite Superheros Get a 16th Century Makeover!

Photographer Sacha Goldberger put a series of paintings he has completed on display at the Grand Palais in Paris, France from November 13-16. These amazing photos show all of our favorite superheros with a mid-16th century twist! Imagine if the Hulk was born as a Duke or Batman and Robin were born as Princes! These are so hilarious […]

Insane Hairy Leg Stalkings Meant to Deter Perverts!

Yes, these actually exist! These stalkings were recently posted on a chinese social media account claiming that the hairy leg stalkings are developed to keep aggressive, perverted men from hitting on you! We definitely think they’ll work, but you better be prepared for a lot of other types of unwanted attention! Watch the video below […]